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Affordable Decorative Throw Pillows & Toss Cushion Covers

When your goal is to create a stylish yet comfy interior space then one of your best options is decor throw pillows and cushions which easily add a fun accent to any room in your home. These wonderful pillows not only add comfort to the space but also you can showcase your personality to anyone who enters. Whether you're looking to decorate a living room, bedroom or even your outdoor patio, we certainly will have something to suit your taste. It's hard to deny the incredible difference when you add a few simple decor pillows to your space.

It is super simple to add some flair to your room by selecting from our inventory of decorative pillows and covers. They come in a large assortment of sizes, styles, colours and even shapes. You'll definitely be able to find a throw cushion for you sofa, bed or living room at a price that cannot be beat. Here are a few decorating tips to consider when buying decor pillows or pillow covers: First, if you're looking for bedroom pillows then let's skip the "pillow talk" and get right to business. When you stack a large pile or decor pillows on your bed it magically transforms your bedroom into an epicenter of style and originality. Plus it draws attention to the largest pieces of furniture turning them into the centerpiece of the room. Hard to believe a few stylish pillows could do all that right? However finding the idea decorative pillow for your living room requires additional insight into your personal style preference along with where you plan to use the cushions. Not sure what style is for you? Don't worry because discovering your own preference is really simple, you can do this with a few quick Google searches or even flip through any old design magazines lying around.

Here are a few questions to consider:

Is the pillow going to be used for comfort, decoration or a combination of both? It is important to realize that some pillows look aesthetically pleasing but provide little or cushion support when you sit on them. Any pillow that is beaded, embroidered or make of silk is unlikely to be suitable for sitting. If you want something that looks and feels good then a pillow or pillow case made of cotton or polyester is your best choice. Here at Wishful Wall we have an assortment of decor cushions for you to browse. Are you looking for a specific pattern or colour? It is easy to find decorative pillows in vibrant colors. At Wishful Wall we offer wide selection of colours, prints, shapes and designs to accent any room in your house.

What size of pillow did you want? Large or small? You should always consider how much space you have before adding anything new to it. If you sofa couch is really large then a couple of decorative throw cushions is perfect. However if you own a smaller 2 person love seat or a twin size bed then a couple of small pillows would be much more appropriate.

Whether you're looking to bring and old couch back to life or enhance an already beautiful sofa, then adding a set of decorative throw pillows is a guarantee way to give any space in your home a breath of fresh air. From placing a single cushion on a chair to a matching set on the sofa, pillows have a way of making the room feel warm and comfortable.

Here at, we try to make sure you always have plenty of affordable yet high quality products for your home. We want to make sure when you buy one of our decorative pillows online or even just a pillow slip, you're getting the one that's exactly right for you, whether that's a decor pillow for kids rooms, Geometric pattern Pillow Cover, or something entirely different and unique to your home. There's never been a better time to search WishfullWall for Decorative Pillows. features a wide selection of Decorative Pillows so that you can find the perfect one for your home. Whether you live in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, or another country, you'll discover a variety of Decorative Pillows for living rooms, teen rooms and adult rooms. Shop through our store and discover how great shopping online for Decorative Pillows and everything else for your home can be at