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Meet Sammy, the author of a mom blog called Mommas Gang. She is a young blogger, a proud wife and momma of 3 adorable kids. She recently welcomed her baby girl and made her a beautiful nursery with some of our products. We are so pleased to hear what she has to say..


"Wishfulwall company has so many great things to pick from, perfect for the late nester like myself. I received the metallic gold vinyl polka dots:4cm of 42pcs. These were really easy to work with! Peel & stick & that’s it! It also matched my beautiful stokke bassinet, which I was beyond pleased with!"  Click here for full article.


Check out her website for some great blogs on motherhood, growing family, delicious recipes and much more! Interested readers can also follow her on instagram @mommas_gang  


Below are some beautiful shots taken by Sammy :)